3DToF Box Dimensioning User Guide


The 3DToF Box Dimensioning app allows you to get highly accurate measurements of the width, length, and height for physical boxes using Analog Devices' 3D Time-of-Flight imaging technology. After uploading the infrared and depth-camera images, the app calculates the boxes' dimensions in real-time using algorithms and high-precision depth sensors that are a cornerstone of Analog Devices' 3D ToF solutions.

The app will provide solutions for various operations, such as:

  • Package sorting and distribution for e-commerce fulfillment
  • Carrier point-of-sale operations
  • Warehouse automation
  • Space optimization for your storage and moving business

Getting Started

  • Access the vLab page and navigate to Apps.
  • Select the 3DToF Box Dimensioning app.
  • Click Open App.

Once the app is open, you can see the Demo Examples containing the camera module selection for the demo, images, and results: measurements together with the analyzed image.

You will also have the option to add a new analysis by clicking on the Add Analysis button.


Figure 1. Demo Examples


1. Prepare Your Images

Take pictures of the object you want to measure. It’s required to use the time-of-flight camera to take the images. You’ll need to have prepared two types of images:

  • Depth Image
  • Active Brightness Image (IR)

If you don’t have images, a set is available for download. Click the Download Sample Images option.

2. Select Camera Module Type

You must select the camera module type (the sensor) you used with the camera when you took the image. The app supports multiple time-of-flight camera modules:

  • Kinect1
  • Kinect2
  • Kinect11
  • Kinect13
  • Walden017MP
  • Walden017QMP

Note: The list contains sensor nicknames. Resolution and depth range may vary.

3. Upload the Images

To upload the images you have prepared earlier, the depth image and the active brightness image (IR), drag and drop the image into the corresponding fields or click the Select File button and find the desired image within your computer's file folders.

  • You can upload one image at a time.
  • For depth image, there should be a corresponding active brightness image (IR) and vice-versa.
  • The app supports only PNG files with a maximum size of 5 MB.


Figure 2. Upload Image

Run the Simulation

After selecting the camera module type and uploading the images (and double-checking your data), click Analyze.

Within a few seconds, the 3DToF Box Dimensioning app will analyze the images you offered, and it will generate the results.

Analyze Results

The results displayed will present you with the following data:

  • To the left, you will see the figures for the calculated measurements. Below the calculated measurements, you will have the option to enter the real measurements, and the app will automatically display the differences between the calculated and real measurements.
  • At the center of the page, the analyzed image will be displayed.
  • To the right, you will see the depth and active brightness (IR) images you uploaded.


Figure 3. Results

Additional Features

  • To look at the images in more detail, you can click on the fullscreen icon.
  • To download the analyzed image as PNG, click the download icon above the image.