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Compare the position error of one or more inertial measurement unit (IMU) sensors. Run the simulation by configuring the number of iterations, trajectory, and sampling frequency and generate the position error trajectory graph for each IMU sensor. Read more

The app lets you run behavioral models of ADI IMUs such as ADIS16507 and ADIS16550 and it shows the relative performance in various real-world driving conditions. As compared to our competitors in autonomous safety applications, ADI IMU sensors show a superior cross-axis and linear acceleration sensitivity that results in superior localization performance under real-world driving conditions.

Due to their reliability, IMU sensors are gaining popularity in a variety of applications across different industries ranging from robotaxis and self-driving cars for passenger transport to smart-agriculture, autonomous long-distance trucking, warehouse robotics, and last-mile delivery vehicles.

IMU Position Estimator
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04 Oct 2021

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